UV Light-Sensitive Fabric Ink - Yellow

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Fabric Ink can be used with Stencil Vinyl to create custom designs that are applied permanently onto apparel and other fabric surfaces.

Fabric Ink is a soft-drying ink, so it will better resist cracking and peeling once dried. The dried paint has a soft feel that blends with the feel of the fabric, so you get the visual appeal of a custom design on your fabric but keep the original feel of the fabric surface. Once dried, ink applied onto fabric surfaces is permanent and will not wash away.

This light-sensitive fabric ink looks creamy white when you’re indoors. But as soon as you go outside into the sun, your inked design will display its “true” colors and display as a bold darker color. Fun for kids and kids at heart!

One bottle of ink is enough to create five to ten projects depending on size and intricacy. Inks are mixable to create custom colors.

Color: creamy white indoors / bolder darker yellow color when exposed to sunlight
Ink Volume: 2 fl. oz.
Washable: Yes (ink will set permanently and not wash away once dried)
Approximate # of Projects: 5 - 10 per bottle

For use with:

  • Stencil Vinyl (to create custom stencils)
  • Silkscreen Starter Kit


  • 1 bottle