During the time of COVID-19. Ontario government required non-essential service to be closed. We are tied in with Awana Computer Inc which services computers for consumers and corporations. Therefore our operations will remain open. As children are at home, we are all on baby duty. Please forgive our delayed response.

A major change as we found out the hard way is that all our replenishment items are stuck at Amazon as most of our fulfillment are handled by Amazon. All health and cleaning supplies are deemed as essential item which takes president. Therefore our sticker papers are not being stocked in which causes it to be unavailable. 

For inventory shipped and handled by Amazon it may take a little longer for it to fulfill. Going forward new inventory we will ship ourselves. We use Canada Post as our shipping preference. Shipments via Canada Post may be delayed as situation changes.

Thank you for understanding. Sorry for any inconvenience. Stay safe, stay home.